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Scratching post PA 5650
Scratching post PA 5650

Scratching post PA 5650

SKU: FC000537

EAN: 8010690156156

Cat scratching post with catnip. In various sizes.

Only available

This scratching post is perfect for your cat to keep her manicure up to date without the fear of being reprimanded. With this accessory, your domestic feline has a place to fulfil her need to scratch, leaving your furniture and fabrics in peace. Double-faced: one side is lined with carpet, while the other is covered in sturdy cardboard. The scratching post is available in 2 sizes, Small and Medium, and is suitable for kittens and adult cats. Thickness: 2 cm (Small), 4 cm (Medium).
The package includes an envelope of catnip you can sprinkle over the surface of the post to turn it into an irresistible toy for your cat.
  • Scratching post for cats
  • Double-faced, made of sturdy cardboard and carpet
  • Your cat can keep her claws in shape without ruining your furniture or fabrics
  • Perfect for kittens and adult cats
  • Available in 2 sizes: Small and Medium
  • Length: 38 or 45 cm.
  • Thickness: 2 cm (Small), 4 cm (Medium)
  • Catnip envelope included

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