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SKU: 74059021

EAN: 8010690111544

Large cat furniture with scratching post, relaxing area and toy

Dimension: 78,5 x 40 x h 115 cm

Only 8 available

Napoleon: an out-and-out luxury home for cats! This large-sized cat furniture is made of sturdy and resistant wood with a white and black-colour finish, perfectly matching with its cushions. The original tower-like structure gives your friend three entire floors available for himself! Just observe then the particular silhouette of a stylized cat in the top: it gives the product an undoubted touch of originality!
Inside the stand, soft cushions made of synthetic plush and fabric will ensure your pussycat quiet sleeps and very much serenity. To keep fit, then, another special area of this cat furniture has been designed: it features a structure with shelves covered by soft cushions. Unfailing, there's also a small cat toy with the shape of a ball and sisal surface: the favourite by all cats for exercise their reflexes and sharpen their claws at the same time. Moreover, in the furniture side wall, an entire scratching area with a vertical surface has been created; it is fully covered with sisal natural fibre.

Napoleon is a complete cat furniture which offers everything your cat need: comfort, entertainment and quiet. Perfect to be positioned in the living room, for example, it is suggested especially if you have large rooms and suitable to home more cats together. Design entirely made in Italy!
  • Cat furniture with tower structure and shelves
  • Made of wood, is very solid and stable
  • Italian design
  • Finish with white and black colours
  • Large dimensions for big rooms
  • Offers comfortable relaxing areas
  • Easy access thanks to the three holes
  • Soft internal cushions made of plush and synthetic fabric with velvet-effect
  • Complete with cat ball and sisal surface

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