TECHNO 25 / Black Ferplast
TECHNO  Ferplast
TECHNO  Ferplast
TECHNO  Ferplast
TECHNO  Ferplast
TECHNO  Ferplast
TECHNO 28 / Black Ferplast
TECHNO 31 / Black Ferplast
TECHNO 34 / Black Ferplast
TECHNO 37 / Black Ferplast
TECHNO 40 / Black Ferplast
TECHNO 43 / Black Ferplast
TECHNO 47 / Black Ferplast
TECHNO 50 / Black Ferplast
TECHNO 55 / Black Ferplast
TECHNO 60 / Black Ferplast
TECHNO 65 / Black Ferplast
TECHNO 70 / Black Ferplast


TECHNODog coat with built-in harness. Different sizes.



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  • Italian design
  • Dog coat complete with built-in harness
  • Waterproof and hard wearing fabric
  • Reflecting sides to be visible in the dark
  • Perfect wear thanks to the micro-regulation system
  • Wide range of models for small and medium-sized dogs
  • Hand washable
BauBau Moda is the Italian design dog clothing range by Ferplast, the only one in the world thanks to the presence of the built-in harness which can be directly fastened to your dog lead. All the models of the collection are easy to wear and to adapt to your friend's size thanks to the micro-regulation systems, provided in the different sizes available, all hand washable.

The model Techno is made from hard wearing and waterproof fabric, perfect to go out with your dog even when it rains or the weather is not settled. Thanks to a reflecting tape, besides, Techno is the perfect coat for walking your dog in the evening or at night. Medium level of protection from cold.

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