ATLAS DELUXE OPENCat and small dog carrier, opening top



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  • Perfect to travel with cats or small dogs
  • Safe grip thanks to the ergonomic handle
  • Lateral grills for good ventilation
  • Cotton cushion and feeder included
  • Assembly and knockdown in a flash thanks to side hooks
  • Taking up very little room when unused
  • Maximum capacity Atlas 10 Deluxe Open: 5 kg
  • Maximum capacity Atlas 20 Deluxe Open: 8 kg
  • Atlas 10 Deluxe Open net weight: 1,68 Kg
  • Atlas 20 Deluxe Open net weight: 2,06 Kg
You are going on holiday and you need to buy a pet carrier? Atlas Deluxe Open is perfect for small dogs and cats. It is ideal for travelling by train, car or plane. The door is made of plastic-coated steel and is solidly fastened to the plastic structure of the carrier. The roof can be opened up, creating greater ventilation, as well as allowing you to check on your pet. The Atlas Deluxe Open pet carrier for dogs and cats features a contoured grip with a fixed handle for easy transportation. The firm clips on the sides provide a quick and effective fastening system, meaning increased safety, combined with easy maintenance! The double opening, on the front and the top, provides easy access to the inside of the carrier, enabling you to provide food and water to your pet (a plastic trough and washable cotton cushion are included).
Atlas Deluxe Open pet carriers are available in two sizes: Atlas Deluxe Open 10 and Deluxe Open 20.

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