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SKU: 57942099

Mouse and hamster cage complete with tubes and opening roof

Dimension: 40,5 x 26 x h 27,5 cm

Novy is a cage for hamsters and mice with a wire mesh sliding roof that can be fully opened for easy cleaning. The habitat consists of a large transparent plastic tank that can be filled with sawdust: your lively pet could enjoy himself and dig paths and hide, his favourite pastime!

Novy is also ideal as an additional element for modular hamster cages like Combi 1, Combi 2, Paula, Laura, Criceti 15 and Favola. It is very versatile and also lends itself to being connected to cages for mice like Kora and Kios.
  • Modular home for hamsters and mice
  • Capacious plastic tank to contain sawdust, allowing the pet to play and dig
  • Full opening top for easy cleaning
  • Complete with tubes made from transparent plastic
  • Can be connected to other cages for small animals
  • Ideal for the models Combi 1, Combi 2, Paula, Laura, Criceti 15, Favola, Kora and Kios

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