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SKU: 62580017

Glass terrarium with innovative ventilation system

Dimension: 81,5 x 36 x h 51 cm - 150 L

Explora is a complete range of terrariums designed for keeping reptiles in your home in total safety. Rich in innovative technological solutions, all glass reptile tanks have special openings less than 3 mm wide, preventing the animals from escaping and ensuring at the same time a proper air circulation. The terrariums Explora, in fact, feature an innovative ventilation system: air enters both through the front grills and from the base of the terrarium, then flows out from special openings in the top. Moreover, the base with raised feet keeps the terrarium properly separated from the supporting surface.

Glass terrariums have a safe closing system with metallic key in the larger models and with plastic key in the smaller ones. All models are also suitable for sets-up with water thanks to their front border, from 7 to 11 cm high, guaranteeing watertight and allowing sandy substrate to be placed at the bottom. Very sturdy and solid, glass reptile tanks have glass thickness of 6 or 4 mm, the terrariums have sliding doors with practical handle for easy opening. The range propose terrariums of different sizes, both vertical and horizontal tanks, you could decide to set up according to your tastes and the species of animals you have decided to keep.
  • Great comfort and safety for all reptiles
  • Openings less than 3 mm of width
  • Proper air circulation thanks to the innovative ventilation system
  • Equipped with small supporting feet
  • Safety catch with metallic lock
  • Glass thickness of 6 mm
  • Front border of 9 cm height suitable for set-ups with water
  • Sliding doors with handles for opening
  • Cover already fitted for two protection for lamps Spot Cover
  • Stand and wide range of matchable accessories
  • Please download the user manual for this product

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