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Toy PA 6446
Toy PA 6446
Toy PA 6446
Toy PA 6446

Toy PA 6446

SKU: 86446899

Biscuit dispenser toy for dogs

Dimension: Ø 7 x 10 cm

A very efficient and greedy dog toy: PA 6446 is a rubber roller which distributes pet biscuits while rolling. This is a good method to reward your dog! It is enough to put some small treats or biscuits inside: through a particular mechanism, then, playing, your dog will find from time to time an unexpected surprise.
PA 6446 is a resistant toy which presents in the outer side funny embossed decorations.

Mixed colours available.
  • Toy distributing dog biscuits
  • With the shape of a roll and made of tough rubber
  • Particular internal mechanism, the toy distributes pet biscuits while rolling
  • Perfect to prize your dog whenever you want

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