These small, cute animals will win your heart. If you learn to understand their behaviour you’ll see that they are able to communicate, express their emotions, trying to draw your attention. Get to know them.

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What kind of animal is a rabbit?

Rabbits are curious domestic animals who like playing and can be very affectionate pets as well. They are friendly herbivores loving grass, hay and vegetables; this food satisfies their everyday needs and help maintaining them healthy.

It is possible to keep rabbits in your houses but you have to pay attention to their specific requirements: one of the most important need no doubt is gnawing. This is a real physiological need they have to wear their teeth out and for this reason you have to supply them with specific chewing items like mineral cubes or wooden gnaws.  At the same time, it is important to provide some toys giving them new impulses and stimulate their continuous will for discoveries. For the wellbeing of rabbits, then, it is necessary to give them the possibility to take some exercise. You absolutely have to consider their need of protection and provide a shelter or a small house inside which your animals can take cover.

How to keep pet rabbits in your house?

If you have decided to keep indoors a rabbit, it is important to choose a suitable cage and position it in a quiet place which is not exposed to sunlight, a room free from airstreams but well airy at the same time.
It should be advisable to provide a suited area in your house to satisfy your rabbit need to “stretch” leaving the cage door open. On this matter, we remind that electric wire are really dangerous and for this reason they should be covered or removed.

What are ideal cages for rabbits and which features should they have?

It is important the cage is wide, equipped with a high plastic bottom and with an open upper side allowing right air circulation. Inside the container, then, it is necessary to provide some accessories like a hay feeder, a drinking bottle for water, a food bowl and a small house where rabbit rests or sleeps.

Rabbits love for example panoramic cages with floors reminding “rooms” and underground paths where they live in nature.
Ferplast cage proposal for small animals undoubtedly includes many different shapes and sizes but we would like to mention for example RABBIT 120 SUITE: equipped with a bottom higher than 25 cm than standard cages, it has  a wide living space and accessories like a food  bowl, feeder, drinking bottle, wooden ladder and house with liquid resistant top. RABBIT 120 SUITE is divided into two floors, furnished with a large upper door and is very easy to maintain since equipped with a removable toilet compartment for litter saving.

If instead you are looking for a comfortable rabbit hutch for your animals, Ferplast RANCH range proposes different models made of high quality Nordic pine wood, coming from responsible managed forests. All habitats are furnished with useful accessories, with slide out plastic tray for easy maintenance, full opening roof with self supporting arm and a rabbit house. RANCH PLUS models have been designed to give your pet large space thanks to the creation of a suitable enclosed area on the ground where your animal is free to move around during the day.  The same kind of habitat is now available also in plastic: GRAND LODGE, a real palace for our small pets. Its living space has be improved to offer maximum comfort.